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I Have Been Told By Many I Have The Best Custom Teams For Table Hockey games To Date. I am always looking for others who love these Old games as well. Contact Me For More. New Forum For Table Hockey Now Open, Click Forum Button Above To Get Started.

**** Updated 4/18/2014. Classic Coleco Teams, Generic Faces, No Name Or Numbers Are Now Listing Only On Ebay Exclusively Starting At $7.99 !! Coleco 2014 Teams Home And Road Completed. Join New Forum At Top Of Page, Share Ideas Thoughts On Table Hockey. Your Support Keeps This Site Going !!!. Thank You****

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Above are images of sample player art I have created

My Customs Have Been Seen on Ebay for Table Hockey Of Coleco And Munro Games And Have Had 100% Excellent Feedback. Contact Me for more information. This site is for the fun and love of Table Hockey. I would love to hear your ideas on games, teams, and Custom Team's as well.


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